Miriam Schwenn, Director
1001 E. Park Ave.  Milbank, SD  57252

Calendar of Events

Please note the following dates on your calendar to help alleviate scheduling conflicts.  National Anthem Performance Opportunities are  posted in the choir room.

2016-2017 Highlights


24-1st Day of School

26-Football Concessions-(Comm. Service/Letter Points)

31-Tentative All-State Chorus Audition Option 1 


6-Tentative All-State Chorus Audition Option 2

9-Football Concessions (Comm. Serv./Letter Points)

26-Homecoming Coronation (Possible Ensemble to Perform

28-NSU Choral Workshop-Possible All-State Chorus

30-Football Concessions (Comm. Serv./Letter Points)


9-Football Concessions (Comm. Serv./Letter Points

17-High School Chorus Concert

20-Football Concession (Comm. Serv./Letter Points)

23-Chautauqa Concert at Ortonville-Dallas Brass  Ask about ticket availability

24-Start of 2nd Quarter

25-26-Parent/Teacher Conferences

27-Possible Football Concessions (Quarter Finals)

28-29-All-State Chorus to Sioux Falls (High School)


4/5-Possible Football Concessions (Playoffs)

11-Veterans Day Program (MHS Chorus to Perform)

12-Snow Queen (Talent Entries Needed)

19-Chautauqa Concert in Milbank-Fir (Irish Duet)  Ask about ticket availability

28-Dec. 2Missoula Theater-Rapunzel


8-Middle School Band/Chorus Concert at 7:30 p.m.

11-High School Band/Chorus Concert at 2:030p.m.

22-End of 2nd Quarter


6-Middle School Mid-Winter Concert @ 7:30p.m.

9-SDSU Choral Day-Possible Vocal Group to attend

13-MHS Band/Chorus Pops Concert

13/15-Parent/Teacher Conference

22-Reg. 3 HS Solo/Ensemble Contest (Watertown)

28-Piano Festival in MHS Theater at 1:30 and 3:15



7 or 14 or in April –Date pending on venue availability

Middle School Festival of Young Voices in

Brookings, SD (Auditions open for 7/8 Grade)

9-Chautauqua Concert in Milbank-Julian Gargiulo  Ask about ticket availability

20-Start of 4th Quarter

24-Chautauqua Concert in Milbank-A Band Called Honalee  Ask about ticket availability


1-2-Senior Band/Chorus Members to Chanhassen

8-Piano Contest (Helpers NEEDED!)

8-Tentative Honor Choir Auditions in Sioux Falls

10-Chautauqua Concert in Milbank-America’s Roots of Pop  Ask about ticket availability

21-22-Grades 5-8 Band Contest in Milbank (Helpers NEEDED!)

26-HS Large Group Music Contest in Milbank


11-Middle School Choir Concert at 7:30 p.m

14-Bacc. @ 6:00 p.m. (Choir to Perform)

16-High School Band/Choir Concert @ 7:30 p.m.

21-Graduation @2:00 (Choir to Perform)

23-Last Day of School